I have recently included printmaking in my repertoire of techniques which gives me great scope to experiment. The results can be dramatically atmospheric.

One of my fascinations is that thoughts seem to come from nowhere. Like night vision, a drawing seems to emerge on the page, or a print emerges from the press as I create; just as  our eyes adjust to the dark, more and more emerges from the dark as one looks.

Another fascination is that often,  more is seen by not actually looking directly at something, very similar to grasping a story and an image together which then make a synergic whole – the illustration is not directly referencing the words of the text, but drawing on the spirit of the characters. In the night sky there are stars that can only be seen when not directly looked at.
Yet, it is very important to me to add a light that illuminates from behind the image to create a sense of life from within, just as we ourselves live and breathe.
If you would like any information about my work or are interested in commissioning work you can email me: or ring:
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