A Crown Given is a Generous Gift

Acrylic on Canvas 100x100cm, Not For Sale

A crown given is a generous Gift. A friend invited me to have a fabulous big space as a studio in his business building. There is a german saying, that it does no harm to be generous because it will not dislodge a gem from the crown to do so. This gift allowed me to paint bigger paintings, something I’d been wanting to do for a long time. He is a generous, balanced, spiritual, community-oriented, kind, teacher type mentoring kinda guy. He gave me a crown, metaphorically speaking. I see him as a dolphin, these creatures are playful, communicate with such ease, understand and hang out in a pod together, because that is what they do. They are so intelligent that where they understand, they also help other creatures when they need help. He sees himself a seahorse. Seahorses are always calm no matter what waters they negotiate. They are patient, and content with whatever pace life offers as they go at their pace, neither slow nor fast, but just right for what it necessary.