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A number of years after completing her Fine Art Studies at CCAD, Vicky Jocher taught art at Clongowes Wood College, Ireland and gave art workshops to young people in her local village. During this time she also became involved as a colourist for Ireland A Graphic History, published 1995.

On her journeys she fell in love with therapeutic processes and wrote about complimentary health practices in Ireland’s national papers, whilst studying and then engaging in the homeopathic field over the span of a decade. This developed into a love for combining art and the therapies. Later on, she completed a Foundation Certificate in Art Therapy.

Having been a successful creative for nearly a decade making and selling bespoke Jewellery and Teddy Bears at different outlets throughout Devon and Cornwall, she then studied illustration.

Vicky now illustrates books and gives private print workshops in her studio overlooking the lovely views of the Exe Estuary in Devon, UK.

“Don’t chase the glory, work hard, and be satisfied.” Tyler Deep, designer.

email  info@vickyjocher.com

phone +44(0) 7897 502 995