Watercolour on Paper 16x24cm, Price: POA

Early 2019. I’d been feeling very tired and run down for a few months at this point. A few years of university, a big move, and emotional turmoil had left their mark. The end result? Gluten- and Lactose-free living to start the healing process of the hardship I had put my body though. So, time to listen in to the inner twitterings of what that inner voice tells us anyhow. Like a meditation, we know intuitively anyway, just sometimes we are too stubborn to listen because we tell ourselves stories like ‘I am too busy’ ‘I’ll do it tomorrow’ ‘I’ll just do this’ and and and … it is what we humans do and have done forever.

As a species we have been growing grain for millenia but it has been modified not to best nourish us, but as a quick-growing, quick turn-around product for profit. But that very grain is what should feed us. We should not have evolved to this way of nourishing our living on these kind of levels.

We need to listen, and make appropriate changes.