Leda I

Acrylic on Canvas 50x50cm Price: POA

‘Leda’ is really about the most important men in my life. The one I married many years ago, and the one who is my partner now. I did not know the story about Leda at that point. I had moved into menopause with all of its associations and changes, and then there is the associated introspection and so many memories of a life past. Menopause changes a woman from being a woman that is fertile for reproduction, to a woman who no longer is. Letting go of that and one’s children into their own lives. The add that to our move to another country, and now how much more they have the freedom to create their own lives- This has has gone on now for three generations in my family. I remember in my late 30’s thinking about the freedom I had to create my life as my parents had the freedom to continue to evolve theirs after we had grown up- This is something I continually to look at, it’s positive aspects, because the opposite is also very prevalent, which of course is the distance between all of us.