Little Red

Watercolour on Paper Currently hanging at the Freie Kusnstakademie in Römerstein, Germany, Price: POA

Little Red Riding Hood is the story about a little girl who leaves the forest path in order to find better flowers for her picnic basket which she subsequently takes to her grandmother. The flowers off the path are apparently better than those along the path, but also far more dangerous to gather.

Is life going to be better for us in Germany? Neither yes nor no. There are many more hurdles to overcome in moving to another country than those in a country one knows already. But the adventure of getting to know something different, coming out of one’s comfort zone, has a certain allure. I’d finished university in 2017, we’d moved to Germany in 2018 and I was starting another new adventure by growing into the professional artist I’d always wanted to be. Little Red encompasses to me all of that ‘newness’, which can only be achieved by picking one flower at a time, on and off the path, but picking the best ones nontheless. Little picture, big story!