Oak or Reed?

Acrylic on Canvas 100x100cm, Price: POA

I asked my man what spirit animal does he see himself as, and he said ‘heron’. So I thought, yes that fits. He is patient, he is still, and he is my sanity. I am the turbulent one. I am the one who needs to fluff things up again every now and again, like the leaves in the wind. Without his support and being, I wouldn’t be able to do how I do what I do. Not what I do, because I would be doing that anyway, but how I do it. There is a difference.

Then there is a saying about bending with the reed rather than breaking like an oak. As an artist you always have to stay creative, it means staying flexible within oneself to allow change and ideas, and yet to have to stay as strong like an oak, because it is not the easiest career to fashion for oneself or indeed task to take on in today’s society, in the amount of hours it takes to create and make it work, the introspection it takes and then there is all the newness of a new life and country. So, be as resilient as the reed and as steadfast as the oak. Without the symbiosis of me and my mate, that would be so much more difficult. That is why ‘she’ has grown out of the shape of the heron in the background where ‘he’ gives support and the necessary grounding.