Acrylic on Canvas 50x50cm Currently exhibited at the VHS Centre, Albstadt, Price: POA

My Grandparents emigrated to Ireland in 1962. Some of the family followed and a Falconry was set up, as well as a pub and Restaurant. There are very many happy memories for me from that time. I was particularly close to my grandmother. One of my earliest memories is of us picking daffodils together. We lived there for 5 years or so, and then moved back to Germany for the next 6 years.

5 Decades later, I moved from the UK back to Germany, creating a big distance between me and my own grandchild. We are also very close. There seems to be an understanding between grandchild and grandparent that is very difficult to explain. There is an emotional bond that is wonderfully amazing.

The daffodils are being embraced and represent that love that transcends blood and generations. We had not long moved from the UK to Germany; and I was still digesting the emotional impact. It was the following spring when I created this painting, and the story within me slowly unfolded.