“I first met Vicky Jocher at a Steampunk evening at a pub in Exeter. She had her sketchbook out and at every opportunity she was drawing one of the participants  or something like time traveling doodles. The following month we met again – and by this time I knew that I had the contract to write Devon Ghost tales for The History Press. Vicky was still sketching away, and I had the opportunity to look through her book. What I saw was enough to know I wanted to work with her on the illustrations for Devon Ghost tales. We discussed the spec, and she accompanied me on several of my field trips to the places where the ghost tales happened. She did a couple of sample drawings based on linocuts to see if I liked the style and mood, and I was completely blown away. They were much more than I had expected from her sketch book and I realised what a talented person she was. I also had a chance to review her other work and was impressed by the range of styles she was developing.

We agreed a timetable for the work, and Vicky delivered the work on time even though her personal circumstances had changed (moving house and country.) She provided 23 illustrations, and only one of them did I have to go back to her and ask for changes that reflected the text, which she readily did. When I sent the illustrations in with my text, the publishers were suitably impressed. Devon Ghost Tales comes out in October 2018.

I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Vicky. I am currently working on a new book and hope to be able to invite Vicky to work with me again”

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Janet Dowling


“I had the opportunity to work with Vicky when I asked her to create a visual identity for my small business. The work included creating a logo, a colour palette for my website and templates for some key sales documents.

Vicky is a lovely person to collaborate with, because she is enthusiastic and optimistic and I enjoyed working with her. She is also highly professional in everything she does, ensuring that she understood the business, my customers and she appreciated my vision for the future.  In addition, it was obvious that she also a lot of trouble to conduct her own research into the market sector.  She took to the time to interpret what I was looking for and practical application to create a range of design options, which enabled to the business to create a coherent brand style.

The final designs were creative and it was clear that Vicky had an instinctive understanding of what I needed. As a result, I was very pleased with the results. I would be very happy to work with Vicky on another project and would unreservedly recommend her.”

Nic Eversett

Eversett Marketing Services

“I commissioned Vicky to create a personalised painting to give as a farewell present to a retiring member of our Charity Committee.   As he had put in a huge amount of personal time and effort, I wanted the painting to reflect his involvement. As the charity is located in a bicycle workshop, the original thought was to have Vicky paint a picture of the workshop.  Following a site visit, and further discussion, Vicky noted that the personal connection was stronger with the volunteers than the physical  location.  Vicky progressed the idea that the primary focus should be a caricature of each individual, emphasising their unique contribution to the charity by their clothing, pose, action, and interaction with the other caricatures.  She also discussed the pros/cons of the variety of painting medium that could be used, and what their usage would do to the outcome of the painting.  The final result was a magnificent representation of the charity!  During the presentation, Vicky skilfully explained the nuances within the painting to all the audience.  I was very pleased with the painting and the enjoyable experience.”
Eric Berggren
“We approached Vicky as we needed to have a photo edited to remove certain items and we’d wanted to use as a facebook and website banner. The photo itself wasn’t the greatest, but we were desperate to have it back as soon as possible to get our business website up and running. We discussed our ideas with Vicky and she took it all in her stride, nothing was too much despite us being undecided about what we really wanted. Nothing was an issue for her.
She asked a few questions about the business and got a feel for who we are and ran with the idea from there. What we got in return was beyond what we’d expected, she’d taken the photo and ran with the feeling of a small independent family run business. The only way I can describe the photo now is warm, cosy and an immediate feeling of trust, but with humour. Without even knowing that’s what we wanted she’d read the situation,  produced a tidier image from our photo which portrays everything we stand for as a business. We couldn’t have been more impressed.
A couple of weeks later she sent us through a little fun gif that she’d taken the time to make and create on our behalf to help us with our advertising. With a similar feel to our banner, she created a warm hearted gif. We couldn’t be more grateful to have had the help of such an intuitive and receptive artist. Thank you so much Vicky, I take great pleasure in my recommendation of you. We look forward to having more work from you”
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Mairead Horgan
Instant MoT Centre, Exeter


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