What Predominates

Acrylic on Canvas 100x100cm, Price: POA

Again there’s a lot in this picture. In times when we are waiting for a second wave of the Covid infection, the world is divided; there are those who feel their freedom has been infringed upon, there are those who will carry on socially distancing so that there is a time to find medication and immunisation for all tiers of society.

Which is the wise thing to do? There is the wise old owl of course, but he too looks out quite innocently. It is up to us individually what to do. He is, after all, only little here and really not sure, and yet he is in the middle of the picture and he clearly predominates. There is a black unlit candle and there is a white one, lit. Are they balanced, is one heavier or lighter than the other, or is it just the clever perspective of how the weighing scale is positioned?

There is a wolf logo, a tatoo-like image. Do you know the story of the grandfather who explains to his grandchild when the little one asks which wolf will win, the darker or the lighter one. And grandfather tells him ‘the one you feed’.

The colours I used are the celestial colours with which the Virgin Mary is often portrayed in paintings or as statues, as I saw in a lot of houses in Ireland. Keep our thoughts pure? Keep them balanced. What is believable in these times and what is fake news? What is common sense and what is all of this doing to us when we just want to get on. Everyone I have talked to has had times of introspection and changes, and so many thoughts thoughts thoughts …. And that is life anyhow, not just in Covid times and lockdown, and social distancing.